The Bourne is an app for finding your higher purpose in life, and for companies to create a long-term growth in relation to the global sustainability goals.
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Hi, my name is Klas Ehnemark and I’m the founder of Aponomy.

The Bourne is an app for finding a higher purpose in life in relation to global goals, and for companies to build a strategy for their sustainability work.

It’s actually a game where you play a gamification of your own life, facing a number of challenges that may lead you to look at your life and at our society in new ways. Based on the the choices you make in the game, the game gets to know you and can connect your personal goals to global goals. In the end I hope that you’ll find your own “Bourne". The word Bourne means goal or destination.

Companies can identify and validate their sustainability work by inviting their employees into the game. When playing the game, the employees can find their own life goals and connect them to the company’s long-term goals.

The Bourne hence becomes like a broker between individuals and companies on the one hand, helping them to understand how they can work towards global goals, and the global sustainability goals on the other hand, helping them to connect to companies and individuals and get them more involved.

We expect to launch in Sweden September 2018, starting with the Business to Business segment, and soon after that on the consumer market. We expect to launch on the international market early 2019.

We all need a higher purpose

Many people don’t really know where they are going, or if there is anything to strive for. Others who are more motivated often have difficulties compiling all ambitions and commitments and identifying their underlying driving forces.

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This leads to all sorts of problems. Many young adults slip around without any clear direction in life, and others work far too much without really knowing where they are heading. This can lead to burnouts and disillusionment in both cases, often at a great cost for the individual and for the society. In addition, many resources that could have contributed building a better society are lost.

Basically, our need to understand our own meaning in a broader context - to find a higher purpose in life - is a deep human need.

From a critical systems perspective, when leaving ideologies and religions behind us we have come into a kind of value-vacuum in our west-world culture without a common narrative. Instead, we have turned to the market - where everything comes down to taste preferences, and social values are considered to be something private. But the market-based society can’t create the meaningfulness or the shared goals we need as individuals to survive in the long run. In short, we devote ourselves to distractions and the illusion that we can be happy and deeply satisfied isolated from the rest of the society based on consumption and lifestyle.

At the same time, however, there’s an ongoing work all over the the world striving to create a better society, which for instance takes form in the UN's 17 sustainability goals where we as humanity have formulated what are most important right now to eliminate poverty, protect the planet and make sure that all people can live in peace and prosperity. There are many initiatives, both politically, and among non-profit and professional companies, to move society closer to these global goals, and many individuals also express an urgency to contribute. But it’s difficult to know what to do, and many actions tends to have a relatively small effect.

Many companies have a strategy for social and sustainable responsibility (CSR), but they primarily rise from the need of avoiding negative publicity. Taking a greater social responsibility has the potential to create long-term growth, but there are no effective tools that help companies to integrate their sustainability efforts with a long-term business strategy, combining their own goals and visions with shared goals in our society.

Here we have three needs that can be linked together and reach each other:

  • People

    People needs a higher purpose and meaning in their lives
  • Companies

    Companies needs a social responsibility strategy in order to create long term growth
  • Humanity

    Humanity needs people with higher purposes and companies that think and act long term

The big challenge is to get these three needs to meet. And this is where The Bourne can make a difference.

Bourne means goal or destination

The Bourne is a broker between individuals, companies, and organisations, on the one hand, helping them to formulate and understand how they can work towards our shared goals, and the global sustainability goals on the other hand, helping them to reach individuals, businesses and organisations in order to get them more involved.

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The Bourne app is a mobile game based on the story structure "Hero's Journey", which is a story template that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. In our case, the user absorbs insights by playing a number of game levels in search for their own real underlying motives and overall goals. Each level challenges the user to look at his life and society from new angles, and from a evidence-based and scientific perspective. Unlike ideas about self-help or different ideologies, the user is gradually guided towards his higher purpose by challenges based on concepts like gamification, dramaturgy, interaction and mobility. By helping the user, the Bourne hope to contribute to our society as a whole getting a little bit closer to our shared goals. We’ve choosing the UN's sustainability goals because they are already clearly defined shared global goals that cover a wide range of aspects of relationships between individuals, and between individuals and society.

There are many apps that help people reach defined goals, but there are basically none that help the user to methodically understand what goals he or she has. By exposing the user to a range of choices in a game environment, underlying algorithms in the app can draw conclusions about the driving forces the user has and how these can relate to our joint work in creating a better society. The user will find his "Bourne".


The Bourne is targeting four market segments:.

  • Individuals

    men and women, young adults, middle-aged and elderly with access to a smartphone looking for a higher purpose in life
  • Companies and organisations

    who want to develop a social commitment by letting employees play the game and find their own goals and driving forces, and at the same time contribute to insights into how the company in its everyday-business can work towards global goals
  • Schools

    where teachers can guide students towards a meaningful life integrated into society
  • Coaches and clients

    where coaches can promote clients to meaningfulness and prosperity

Plans and pricing

These are preliminary numbers

The Team

We have more than a century of work experience and now we've decided to create our Bourne.

Advisory Board


These are our important milstones.

Stay tuned

We expect the final product to be ready and launched in the Swedish market August 2018, focusing on the B2B segment, and soon after also targeting Individuals, Schools and Coaches. We expect we have launched the produkt on the international market early 2019.

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